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April Empties + mini reviews

My dear dear readers,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle it is May and another month has gone and passed. I am soooo excited for this month, a lot of exciting of things are going to happen but for now let ‘s go through my little brown bag full of goodies. 555 more words


Is your life Burning Gold?

“Looking for an exit in this world of fear
I can see the path that leads the way…

I wish the wind would carry a change… 108 more words


April Favourites

April seemed to rush by in flying colours this year and when I saw the date change to May I knew I needed to review all the great products I’d used that month and collect them up for a blog post. 664 more words


April Favourites

Another month gone – though on the plus side, we’re one step closer to summer. It’s truly springtime now, though in true British style, one day is 247 more words


Weekly Wrap Up 05.02.15

Its crazy how quick these posts creep up, luckily there’s always something to love and something to share with you all. Unlike my last wrap up this post is COMPLETELY makeup related. 439 more words


April Favourites..

Another month down! And another list of favourites coming your way! You guys know what these posts are all about so I’ll just cut the chat and jump straight in! 625 more words


N A R V A F A V O U R I T E S × М Е С Т А Н А Р В Ы

I have already published about my favourites in Tallinn, and now it’s time to tell about the best places in my small hometown Narva. It’s not only for those who is going to travel to Narva but also to remind its citizens what a city we have here, because people usually have a tendency to take the beauty of native places for granted. 700 more words