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Euro Alarms Ltd, Camden, 2004

“Euro Alarms Ltd” burglar alarm, Camden • Now we’re going international with a bell box unlikely to gain Ukip support. I really like this logo, don’t kow why I never featured it before.  18 more words

Burglar Alarm

Friday Favourite - Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel

This is the first of a new feature that I want to start.  Every Friday I’m going to share with you my favourite for the week, whether it be a beauty product, fashion favourite, hairstyle, baby item, who knows?  257 more words


Poetry Thursday Pt. 1


W. E . Henley

Out of the night that covers me,

      Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be… 82 more words


Chocolate Chip Muffins

Guess what we had for dinner tonight?? Yes yes I know you understood but trust me they were just too good to be true and anyway I have a very bossy stomach and it just wanted these so what am I supposed to do! 305 more words


Ratatouille & veggies summer basket

Good thing in summer is when our gardens grow lots of veggies. This late summer, we almost havest every week: eggplant/aubergines, zucchini, bell peppers,courgettes and tomatoes.  573 more words


My Favourite Single At The Moment.

These past few months I’ve had one song replaying again… and again… and again in my mind and in my car, and at college and on every single piano or keyboard I get my hands on for a moment or two. 183 more words


i think i see you

I remember being fifteen and fighting with your girlfriend in front of everybody at the Club, and then eighteen and fighting with your (ex?) girlfriend at a birthday party in August. 222 more words