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Cutting down on meat? Be careful what you replace it with.

If you are trying to eat less meat, you have plenty of company. Our cultural tide is flowing steadily in that direction. Just look around — there are multiple best-selling books touting the benefits of plant-based eating; the… 152 more words

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Stage 2: What constitutes a good macronutrient?

In my last post I explained the importance of tracking your macronutrients to keep on top of your diet and lose weight/build lean muscle the healthy way but what exactly constitutes a healthy piece of protein, fat or carb? 646 more words


Cut the (Butter) Fat!

I get so many questions about ingredient substitutions for both food allergies and for health reasons – mostly cutting calories. Real butter is one of my favorite things – I have three types in my fridge right now – but it is one of the ingredients I most often get asked about replacing. 288 more words

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Metabolic Weight Loss - How to Lose Belly Fat First

You can approach the matter of losing weight in a variety of ways. Some experts are of the viewpoint that you should lose weight but keep the muscle. 685 more words

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The Facts about Fad Diets

Having a constructive diet plan is considered to be a tool that aids in weight losing. It is a common perception that you cannot lose weight unless you maintain a specific diet plan. 350 more words

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Tips For A Flat Tummy - Part 2

Week two, part two. Ready?

6. Good posture. It strengthens your tummy muscles.
7. Swim.
8. Cut down sweets.
9. Do push-ups accurately.
10. Never skip breakfast.