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The guy who lost ten pounds in a month on a diet of Chipotle food.

I was scrolling down my news feed on Facebook the other day and saw a post by a popular factual Facebook page which said, “A man ate nothing but Chipotle for thirty days and lost ten pounds!” The post had something like 18,000 views! 1,185 more words


Coconut Oil and hazelnut butter review

After hearing everyone rave on about coconut oil, I decided to splash my cash to see what all the fuss was about. I bought the cheapest option at whole foods, … 289 more words

Exploring Essential Macro and Micro nutrients

Let’s simplify these terms…

I am sure we all have heard we need to eat right, eat better, and so on; so what are macro and micro nutrients? 528 more words


Homemade Cashew Butter

Place cashews on baking tray

Bake until deep brown

Place in food processor

Pulse until creamy

Exercise self-control and do not to devour in one sitting


Let's talk about those carbs, fats, and Protiens...


Recently, carbohydrates have received a bad rap in the health field.  Carbs have been accused of contributing to the obesity epidemic and causing chronic illnesses.  1,112 more words


How and Why You Store Body Fat

If you’re currently facing an issue with your body weight, one of the questions that you might be asking yourself is how you store body fat in the first place. 562 more words


Quick Guide - Calculating Your Calorie Needs.

I don’t necessarily agree with counting calories but some people do benefit with the structure of it. As the title says, this is just a quick guide; something to get you started if you’re struggling to get your head around things! 548 more words