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Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, London, November 2014

On a Sunday afternoon my daughter and I took the Central Line tube to Marble Arch Station (Made famous in the Austin City Limits theme song, “London Homesick Blues,” by Gary P. 44 more words

The Dean and I | Part 11

Do words in old letters ever die? Here’s Mr. Griswold’s thank-you letter about my work in the dean’s office at Harvard Law School. Click on the letter to enlarge it. 561 more words


It Was Definitely On ... Definitely Exhausting ... But Definitely Guatacular

I needed a minute.

I actually needed a minute, when it was over. And that’s never really happened.

You know the minute right after your Rocky Balboa moment when you raise your hands in the air victoriously, right after step 1,393, right after your picture gets taken, right after the you-can-do-it adrenaline wears off and the volunteer guy hands you a bottle of water that you so desperately require and it feels so heavy, reminding you that your superpowers to climb stairs in claustrophobic spaces was only temporary. 518 more words


Hands: Part III ... Father and Daughter Hands ...

When I was a little girl my sister and I would crawl on to my Mother and Father’s bed in the morning while they were still sleeping. 270 more words

Remembering The Shoah Through Words and Action

by Janet R. Kirchheimer (New York, NY)

As the daughter of Holocaust survivors from Germany, I grew up with stories of the Shoah. I was recently asked if I recalled the exact moment I learned about what happened to my family. 715 more words

American Jewry

Me and Mr G

“You never reply” I said, “Why is that?”       

He stared back at me and said nothing.

I pressed “The things I’ve read about you and the more I learn the less I understand, it doesn’t add up anymore, I just don’t get it.” 559 more words

My Father's Family

by Suzanna Eibuszyc (Calabasas, CA)

My parents both grew up in a large, closely knit family. My father’s loyalty and love of his family was one of the things that attracted my mother to him. 1,282 more words

American Jewry