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Nashville Music Matters: From Generation to Generation

Music connects us in more ways than one and exploring it is one of the a main themes on Nashville. When Sarah Salitan-Thiell, a devoted Nashie, began writing this post what started as an examination of the way music is passed on from generation to generation on… 1,019 more words

Nashville Season 3

Horse By Moonlight For Juan Soriano

A horse escaped from the circus

and lodged in my daughter’s eyes:

there he ran circles around the iris

raising silver dust-clouds in the pupil… 51 more words



father had survived

An ended culture

Until I found a sketching

In evening light

Erratic as my pulse

When walking in the dark

~ unceasingly you, father 6 more words


Daddy-o, My Hero

It was gone, GONE.  At four years old, my problem solving skills were still very raw, but I had to figure out what to do.  I didn’t want to tell.   1,336 more words

Adult Children

My Dad

This is my dad. His name was James, but everyone called him ‘Jim.’

This photo was taken about five years before he died, much too young, a victim of lung cancer. 1,084 more words


Kate Loveton reblogged this on Odyssey of a Novice Writer and commented:

I hope you will forgive me for reblogging this post from last year. I find I've been thinking a lot about my father the past month. No one needs to comment on this - I know you've all seen it before. But it was imortant to me to remember him again. He's been a lot in my heart the past several weeks, showing up in my thoughts at odd moments. It's an old chestnut that the people you've lost are really never dead as long as you remember them. Tomorrow I'll be back with something a lot less sentimental - maybe a little murder and mayhem or a humorous twist of fate. But, for now, I'm unashamedly and unapologetically letting my father 'live' again.

Father's Day Reads

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I had the distinct pleasure of having a random stranger come up to me randomly  in Jimmy John’s and tell me the names of all seven of his children. 265 more words

Book Recommendation

Her Father's Vineyard

Within the vineyard of her honeyed youth
The red wine flows through long and draping vines;
From sharpest grape it runs to sweetest tooth,
Down where the soil and the sun combines… 88 more words

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