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#SingleDadWeek: The breakfast club

I rarely eat breakfast with my children. Being forced to do so has been the favourite part of my week as a single dad.

Having reflected on the… 531 more words

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#SingleDadWeek: The school morning horror show

As a parent, I’ve witnessed some horrible things in my time. Poo in the bath. The time Kara insisted on wearing a stripey top with spotty leggings. 525 more words

A Dad's Life

"That's your dad, not society"

Dear Dad,

Today, I did something foolish: I got into an argument with people on the Internet. You think I would learn, but I’m stubborn, and when I see something ignorant, sometimes I don’t resist the urge to step in and clarify. 493 more words


#SingleDadWeek: Two down, four to go

It’s ‘Single Dad Week’ in our household and there have been no casualties so far. Result!

I’m two days in to my six-day stint as a single dad of three while Heather is away with work in South Africa. 1,004 more words

A Dad's Life

No Worries, My Dad's Got My Back!

Ever since David, my eldest, had a chance to jam and play with the worship team at the tender age of nine, he has always done well and held his own. 225 more words

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Our month in photos: February 2015

Are we really two months into 2015 already? On the one hand, it feels like the year is flying past. But on the other hand, it feels like we’ve already done a lot of things in this still relatively new year. 588 more words


Charles E. Rice (1931-2015): A Remembrance

Being a Christian isn’t for sissies.
~ Johnny Cash

Ammon Hennacy, godson of Dorothy Day, was picketing and protesting war taxes in Phoenix. It was 1949, and folks out west had little experience with political gadflies like Ammon, so they hauled him into the police station.

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