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How old are you really?

Slice 142 of 365

I mentioned to Becca that today was her last day of being 13 but then I wondered if that were really true. 277 more words

My father's war

In 1939, my dad was a kid in The Netherlands, just a few clicks west of the German border.

World War II had a profound effect on his  life – and mine. 253 more words

Fatherly Traces Left Behind

My dad’s ashes were scattered a few nautical miles off shore by a lighthouse, with some seals looking on with curious interest from a nearby rock. 752 more words

Essays & Reflections

To My Son On The Eve Of Your Junior Prom

“I can’t believe how fast you’re growing up.”

You must be sick of me – and lots of other people – saying that. I get that. 443 more words


. . . My rock and other thoughts . . .

I’d like to think that everyone has that one person in their life who has a special way of helping you get through tough times and motivates you to remain positive. 584 more words


Peter Rosenberg Interviews Father

Awful Records founder Father recently stopped by Real Late to chat with Peter Rosenberg about the future of his budding label “The Wu-Tang Hole.” In addition to chatting about the direction of the label, Father also discussed “anime porn” and being a self-proclaimed nerd.