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Phantoms circle and swirl around lifelines, each light contorting around a hazy blackness,

Nightmares lurk in plain sight, shredding sentiment, each wicked deed blotting out purity and honor. 92 more words


explain the profit/loss debate among thieves

Who are the thieves of today? Who decides the fate of millions if not those controlling the outcome of wars and rumors of war (sounds vaguely familiar does it not)? 55 more words

A Different Hue

My meaning shifts along side those
whom I am juxtaposed.

© Chagall 2015


The Gods of Chaos

I’m doing a little research today. As an artist you might expect that this means I’m looking at art and arty things but this is never how it ends up with me. 393 more words


What's that behind you?

This will be an odd bunch.

First, we are defending caravan, but only defending! Don’t you dare to try and attack other people. We are not the agressors. 51 more words

No Hole, No Doughnut

Rains must fall for flora to bloom
The sun returns to lighten the gloom
Burdens of time rise and drop
All’s wound-up to never stop… 94 more words