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We Don't Say Goodbye

Today I learned that a close friend’s friend was killed in the earthquake in Nepal.

He was one of the climbers on Everest when the avalanche engulfed them. 261 more words


Pretty Pearl

Star gazing on an evening without clouds,
metaphors blowing like halos
around a jealous moon;
you, sleeping on my shoulder.
I could almost see your dreams…
196 more words

Hands of Fate

Unseen tethers leading you forward to cheer or gloom
They drag you through the mud building character
Douse you with the sweet potpourri of success… 40 more words


Once Upon a Time - Lily- Episode Review (Spoilers)

Fate was the theme of this episode. Can fate be fought? What is it that fate wants out of Lily and Emma? How much control over their lives does fate really have? 1,411 more words


The Insecurity of Security

There is no such thing as an unfettered path. When the cards are all placed neatly in stacks, ready for their integration on the tower, a gale blows in to splash them across the ground. 258 more words

Thoughts On The Life Of One

Bye Bye Love

I signed my divorce papers this evening.

While I received them over a week ago, I sat on it, thinking about my decision, its impact, all the people whose lives have been affected by it, of the repercussions on my own life. 280 more words