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Weekly Poem #121


As my train passed through some disused factory district,

I saw a man-sized crow perched on stainless steel precipice.

It sat still, unmoving, but it caught me with its eye… 181 more words




A state that is the exact opposite of living.


Something that can be.

Even while you’re living.


Something that could have happened years ago. 77 more words


Determinism - Free Will = Fatalism

(A) Determinism is nothing more and nothing less than the belief in the reliability of cause and effect.

(B) Deterministic inevitability is the logical implication of a perfect reliability between cause and effect. 796 more words


Sovereignty of God: Sparrows & Flowers

WE TEACH the absolute sovereignty of the triune God over all things.  God’s sovereignty is affirmed in the act of creation, it sets Him apart from all other possible gods, it gives him authority over governments and kingdoms, and it is exercised in the salvation and judgement of individuals.

641 more words

It's My Life

Dear reader,

My last post was written in a moment of weakness when I felt truly sorry for myself. At the risk of sounding contrariant, I have to made a redaction. 472 more words


Poetry - The Last Poem - a look into the future.

I wrote this on the last day of 1997.

Life is all we have. We have a consciousness that has come out of a miraculous fusion of chemicals. 183 more words


The Comfort of Gravity

This pedestrian psalm:
a gray meditation on

the ordinary, an escape from
the pedantic, officious cage

and collar, and debt, oh debt—
short leash pulling me home. 137 more words