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Evergreene Digest: Get Up, Stand Up ~ Bruce E. Levine

  • “We are living in a land in which corporate power buys as many politicians as it needs, unjust laws shovel money to the rich, and media substitute entertainment for information.

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Corporate Empire

Boyd on Fatalism

From reknew.org:

This belief in fate or divine determinism is as tragic as it is unbiblical. Among other things, fatalism inevitably leads people to blame God for evil.

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The Isms All Through

The isms on the go

with  a realism on the flow

the suffix “Sur ” with realism

turns into surrealism

such that be in the medical dictionary… 86 more words



So I was crashing on a friend’s sofa and he had this stack of books on the counter in the kitchen. We were out drinking the night before and I always wake up super early after a night out, a hangover alarm clock or something. 31 more words

About That Thing That's Not Anymore (PT. 2)


It was like looking through a kaleidoscope. Everything was a blurry brilliance, and then it was gone. I awoke the next morning confused by my surroundings. 1,731 more words


If God is Sovereign, Why Do We Pray?

In our study on prayer yesterday from Matthew 9:35-38, the theological tension of prayer became evident. It is a question all of us have probably pondered from time to time, even if we did not consider it a “theological tension.” 412 more words


How short is life, living takes real courage

It’s not a question, just an observation. Every day I am reminded of our tenuous hold on to the life we have, and it could be over in an instant. 156 more words