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DAYS 50 – 88 KGS/194 LBS (10.1 KGS/22.3 LBS DOWN) - MILESTONE 5

This week I have lost weight at an uniform rate of just 100 grams per day. This has to be one of my lowest weight loss rates. 204 more words

Weight Management


As an eating-disordered person, I should be all about NEDAW. I should want to spread the idea that EDs come in all shapes and sizes, and one doesn’t need to be completely emaciated to be dying both physically and mentally. 375 more words

BJJ fatness

Road to being ‘fit’. I’m on target for the first two weeks. Exercising twice a week. I should be on target after hitting the mats tomorrow.


Journey to Health with MS - Day 139 - Every day is hard.

There’s a blogger that I absolutely enjoy reading, both his weight loss blog as well as his thoughts blog. He’s clever, wise and an absolute inspiration for me. 519 more words

Weight Loss

Sisters and wardrobes

Any girl with a sister knows that from time to time things, particularly items of clothing, from your cupboard disappear. Now when you are the fat sister in the pair/group though, you are at a distinct disadvantage. 212 more words


Exhausted Again

Same weight today, I’m blaming my lack of control on gross foods, period related water retention and that I’m getting sick with a mucus flem. 157 more words



I think I’m going to add Mia to my tags.  I was laying in bed researching the different laxatives that I take and it dawned on me that I purge my food almost everyday.   99 more words