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How Dieting Made Me Fat

(TW: diets + disordered eating(?))

I don’t remember when I went on my first diet exactly – but I do distinctly remember being eight years old and deciding to diet. 1,735 more words


My thoughts on the great Protein World debate

Right, for those of you haven’t seen the social media rumblings around Protein World’s recent campaign that is currently all over public transport in our capital, it goes a little something like this: 683 more words


Body "positivity"; fat shaming, skinny shaming, and everything in between

This body “positivity” movement – is it really positive at all?

Skinny people are being victimised by fat people, and fat people by skinny. What has happened that we’re always saying that someone else is in the wrong? 251 more words

Eating Disorder

Shaming and Bullying on Social Media

It breaks my heart that people think it’s okay to tell someone they are fat. It can destroy someone when you tell them they are fat, when in fact they are healthy. 466 more words


Plus Sized Wars.

Plus Sizes Wars was broadcast on Channel 4 on Tuesday 21st April 2015, shortly after it caused a bit of a storm across the internet and was heavily discussed in other media sources such as This Morning and Loose Women. 621 more words

Mental Health

The Shame Wagon 

Today I’d like to talk about etiquette and manners, two things that are a bit of a lost art these days. And no I’m not talking about fake sugary behavior and false compliments while sitting under your parasol in your frilly pastel off-the-shoulder dress as someone on a fancy porch pours you iced tea- I’m talking about not being a dick, if you’ll please pardon my language. 555 more words

Farrah Abraham Tries, Fails To Fat Shame A Fellow 'Teen Mom' Cast Member

I won’t pretend to understand the politics of Teen Mom — the crown jewel of MTV’s programming targeted to our impressionable youth — but for some reason, noted adult film star and walking implant… 146 more words