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I work out because I like it, not because I am Fat. 

While working out today, I was thinking about my random bits of motivation. It always starts the same for me. I play music, I start my routine, and I start to think about the different things that motivate me. 327 more words

Being Obese is NOT a choice...

Fat shaming is a terrible and still socially acceptable insult. Many seem to think that being fat and obese is a choice. On some grounds, it makes sense, but if you look at the picture in a holistic perspective, you can begin to see that being fat has so many factors to take into account. 771 more words


Uh, Is It Okay To Say...

That the new plus-size model Tess Holliday is great, but, being a 280 pound, 5’5 inch person shouldn’t be something that is exactly seen as great for you? 263 more words


It might have originated in the past?.?.!.!

I read an article the other night that was talking about how when you go to a therapist that they usually blame everything on your Mother, blah blah blah. 538 more words

Judge Not, Speak Life

So, after my last post it shouldn’t come as much surprise, but I don’t believe in racism. I don’t believe in body shaming. I don’t believe in poor shaming. 282 more words

My Writing

Am I Fat?

No, you do not have to answer that question. Nor do I want some of you to.

I can be an emotional eater. I am also considered overweight, no, morbidly obese for my height and weight. 893 more words