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Keep This In Mind With "Fitspo"

I know many people need inspiration for workouts but there are better ways to help yourself than what I call modern fat shaming.

First the 4% day no excuse, let’s be real about this one. 207 more words

My response, summed up:

1)  An overweight person at the gym isn’t necessarily a rookie.  Stop making stupid assumptions.  Also, a fat person at the gym during the start of a new year might not be trying to lose weight; sometimes we want to get healthy and don’t care if that happens to mean we lose weight.   436 more words

Fat Acceptance

The Kids are NOT OK

“Deep breath. Don’t judge. You don’t know her. She’s not a client. You have no right to tell someone what to post online. You don’t have kids. 788 more words


Accepting the Fat Dude or Why I Think Joel McHale is an Asshole

I know this question will come up, and since I often refer to myself as a “fat guy” or “fat dude” even though I’m really not anymore, I thought I would address it. 1,098 more words

Fat Shaming

monogamy, femininity & feminism: part two

femininity is a loaded word. it means something so personal to every woman who has lived long enough to have their femininity debated.

for me it was kindergarten. 878 more words

Silencing Katie Hopkins' Voice in My Head

While vacationing in January, I was  relaxing, watching TV and a TLC reality show, entitled “My Fat Story” came on. The show followed Katie Hopkins a radio and reality TV show personality, who some have called a “ 538 more words

Fat Shaming