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Cymbalta Induced Hypomania

I’m out of bed. Medicated. As usual, the morning dose of Cymbalta has given me this hypomanic boost. It doesn’t last long, but it’s still a nice start to a day you’re not looking forward to. 1,126 more words


Complaining About Manspreading Is Just as Bad as Fat Shaming

Alright, we’ve got our two buzzwords to play with; consider “fat shaming” with the following scenario: There is a larger bodied person boarding public transport, say a bus. 1,040 more words

CBT appointment 2

Thursday was my 2nd appointment with my CBT person, I was a little nervous as I haven’t seen her for a while and I didn’t know what she would think of my buying the self-help books. 497 more words

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The Skinny Shaming Myth

A while ago now, I made a post on tumblr that has since generated a lot of attention on tumblr. It’s sparked a lot of debate, particuarly due to it being reblogged by blogs like thin-fightingback and skinnyshamingexists – I’ve been getting notes on this post everyday for a little while now and some of the responses were really bugging me – hence why I felt the need to write about it properly. 1,475 more words


Let's talk about the F word...

I bet you say the F word all the time… Muttering it to yourself as you try on those jeans or when someone pays you a compliment. 332 more words


The Savage Sacktap - Mike Vs. The Millenials

Congrats graduates, now go fuck yourselves! In this edition of the sacktap, Mike rages against the progressive outrage machine. We’re breaking down everything wrong with the Millennial generation, pointing out the holes in their logic and filling those holes with big, stiff, pieces of common sense. 35 more words

Why "Body Positivity" Pisses Me Off

Alright, so let’s just put it all out on the table. I’m 5’6, and I weigh just about 135 pounds. I wear a size 6 pant, and I am a double d. 563 more words