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  • Artist: Rationale
  • Track: Fast Lane
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Rationale – who is he? No idea. We’re assuming he’s male, we could be wrong, she could be female, there could be 100 of them. 118 more words


Number 8 // Kings Hall

Kings Hall Leisure Centre or Hackney Baths is an unassuming building sandwiched in between chicken shops, new expensive restaurants and a great local shop with a bakery in the back (you can sometimes smell the bread cooking when you go early in the morning). 351 more words


Rationale's 'Fast Lane' Is A Beautiful Mystery

There’s something fascinating going on and it’s happening in the paradoxically titled “Fast Lane,” an overwhelmingly powerful slow-burner with buttery vocals, comforting guitar noodlings, and ethereal, soulful synthesizers all atop a laid-back bouncer-of-a-drum-part. 164 more words


Dog in the fast lane

I don’t really enjoy motorway driving its not the speed its the other drivers on the road. I dislike the way the white van man drives really recklessly and how the 4×4 drives speedily and then slams their breaks on or the lorries thundering past. 284 more words

Women love bad boys? Err... no

Women like bad boys? Not unless they’re 16 or don’t know any better. Don’t confuse what women like with being deceived and sold a lie by a wanker. 709 more words


A postcard from the fast lane

The fast lane isn’t my thing, might be a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. During my modelling/dancing/promo days you got work word of mouth, that meant socialising, the “cooler” the crowd, the more prestigious the work. 1,819 more words


Number 6 // Clissold Leisure Centre

Wednesday 25th March I had my final pre-work local swim at Clissold leisure centre so I thought I would include my review as part of my challenge. 316 more words