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I am pregnant! Now what? : Meet To Due Baby

You just found out you are pregnant !! Congrats! Woohoo!! Yippee!!  If you are like me once the excitement subsides then you start freaking out because whoa momma, there are so many things that you “need” to buy for a new baby!!! 801 more words


Adventurous Soul

The world is in my heart and my eyes are craving to see it. Adventure is in my bones.



Have you got a specific look or design that stays with you for a while? Like an ultimate favourite, something that you would always come back to. 317 more words

Bag Bug

I refuse to admit that I’m starting to develop an unhealthy (for my wallet) addiction to bags these days. Is it seasonal? Boo and I will be spending the weekend in Abu Dhabi and here I am searching for a weekend bag. 23 more words