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Veggie Challenge

My new year’s resolution this year was one of a cliche, I admit. However, it was a resolution that in all honesty I didn’t see myself keeping over the two week mark. 128 more words

Fashion Musings

Fashion Musings: The Beginning and the End.

“No fashion is ever successful unless it is used as a form of seduction.”
Christian Dior.

I have always wondered about the kind of life Christian Dior must have lived to be able to say this. 324 more words


NH7 Weekender Lookbook

Bacardi NH7 Weekender is a 3 day  music festival that sees artists from India and around the world perform over multiple stages. The festival also features art installations, curated food stalls, and an unbeatable vibe that has earned it the tag of “India’s happiest festival”. 338 more words

Fashion Musings

A Thursday musing on Fashion

I’ve been musing on a number of things recently, so bear with me on this one. I’ve gone through a period of change in my life and can’t quite decide if it’s a choice I made for the better, or one of those choices you have to make in order to know what the right one was, and thus correct it! 255 more words


There’s no place like home

Back in July I had the most amazing and unforgettable holiday in Dubai where I enjoyed lots of sun, relaxation, luxury dining, amazing fashion and to top it all off I also got engaged in the 7 Star Burj Al Arab hotel, an evening I will never forget. 611 more words

Fashion Musings

Quick Post | Leibster Award Nomination

We’re proud to have been nominated by Frillthrills for the Leibster Award, and we thank her so much for it, and the lovely things she’s said about us in her post! 711 more words

Fashion Musings

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Week | Ross Geller

Ross geller’s fashion in very formal, with a combination of wild coloured shirts and ties, or all suited up. Ross’s wardrobe has a ton of sweaters and casual shirts. 60 more words

Fashion Musings