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The Mayrose Wishlist for March 2015

Its a new month and its time we finally buy that new piece we had our eye on :)

Our wishlist is quite simple and desirable. 192 more words

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Almost every 90s apparel you loved is making a comeback this year.

Fashion is like a vicious circle or a loop, because just when you think your favourite clothes won’t be usefull anymore that kind of fashion makes a comeback. 192 more words

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Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!"

So its almost the month of March and we have curated a very cute look for the start of this beautiful pleasant month.
As we had said in an earlier post that its time you all should get into crop tops. 31 more words

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While I was asleep, the internet was breaking because of the colour of “The Dress”. There were scientists figuring out what colour the dress is, Friends and Couples fought over it, even celebrities had some serious questions about it. 212 more words

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The instant outfit: Platform sandals

Its time for that once in a while day when you want to get out of those heels and be comfy as hell. Why??? Coz now is the time when you can adorn Flat Platform sandal kind of a style. 114 more words

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This is the Hottest trend this spring

This spring/ Summer is going to feel so “cool” with this hottest trend just off the runway.

During the Fashion month we topped our list of trends for 2015 and the verdict is that only one can be the hot hot hottest of the trends. 174 more words

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