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four more years

March 1st. The greatest day in the history of all days… my birthday!!

25 was a fantastic year. I worked really hard, loved really hard and played really hard. 340 more words

Fashion Life

Dress into Tee, is possibleeeee...

There’s something I’ve always loved and that was wavy or curly hair-it gives an exotic, non-basic look. I’ve straightened my hair for about 12 years…that’s a long time, and still my hair is not damaged *knocks on wood*; I have natural thick wavy hair. 186 more words

Kate Spade Kirk Park Knockoffs at Target

If there are three things I love when it comes to style, it’s Kate Spade, Target, and good deals.

This find combines all three.

Last fall, I fell in love with Kate Spade’s Kirk Park Medium Maise in White at one of their 75% sales and am (well, was as of yesterday) kicking myself for not snatching the purse up at its $150 price tag, even though that is still a LOT to spend on a purse, especially for a college student saving to move across the country at the time. 423 more words


Where Has ShopGirl Been?!?! (Photo Caption Update)

Amazing question Brit, lol….

Well, my dear friends came in from SeaTac (Seattle/Tacoma area) so I spend a week with them. Other than that I have been swamped with school and also I was diagnosed as bi-polar so with all that going on and my mood levels being off I spend less time online in general. 138 more words