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Racked: The Fall of the Hipster Brand

“‘Urban Outfitters and American Apparel did a good job of commodifying the earliest kind of hipster—the Vice-reading, PBR-swilling, trucker-hat-wearing twentysomething,’ she says. ‘But they have not successfully evolved to meet the needs of the new wave that cares about authenticity and buys products from brands that have a strong ethical core.'” 40 more words


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A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: Half Moon Manicures

What do you guys think of this up and coming Spring trend for nails? People in the fashion world and on the runway are painting the half-moons of their nails almost like an upside down French manicure with colour. 81 more words


Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser 

This continues to be the best product I’ve ever used for removing make up remover. I often wear make foundation and it can be a nightmare to remover even using make up wipes I used to feel the foundation on my skin and when scrapping my face with my nail would find the make up underneath. 93 more words


Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is here and I’m so excited for the last most important fashion week of the season. Can’t wait to see all the new creations and looks! 39 more words

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House Lannister

Ahhhh down to the second to last set!

Without the name, you probably guessed this was House Lannister. I used Cersei as my base for creating a wonderfully dramatic set for any modern woman in House Lannister, the Lionesses I call them. 145 more words


Branded Lab PR Goodie Bags

On Wednesday I headed into Manchester after work to attend the Branded Lab PR event. It was held at the gorgeous Rosylee restaurant in the Northern Quarter. 231 more words


i'll come to your rescue

Hi guys.
I am so sorry for being so inactive here but there’s just so much going on in my life at the moment. I do feel bad when i see you still read my blog, even though i’m not updating at all. 47 more words