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Memorial Day

We are observing another Memorial Day. As a people, we remember and pay honor to all those who have served our great country. We salute those who gave all. 482 more words

"Why Things SUCK in America (Major Things)!"

You don’t have to look too far…

You must also consider past and present pResidents, their administrations, their appointees, the shadow advisers and funders, etc. 1,120 more words


Ole Dammegard - Making Critical Thinking Illegal: Questioning the Holocaust

Ole Dammegård is an author, international speaker, investigator, former journalist, artist and creator of the website Light On Conspiracies.He returns to Red Ice Radio for a special extended segment to speak about his research and thoughts on an extremely controversial subject, the Jewish holocaust. 376 more words


Main Camp

Welcome to Dry Wells, a town scorched by a fiery drought, a charnel ground of dry bones and parched souls. Furious fanatics rise from its socioeconomic ashes, wielding their hammer of might to reclaim their birthright. 134 more words


White Fascism in America, or, a Modern Day Madame Eglentine

She was so charitable and so pitous
She wolde wepe, if that she saugh a mous
Kaught in a trappe, if it were deed or bledde.

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Security Blanket

Domestic surveillance is one of those issues that highlight the false dichotomy between Republicans and Democrats. Senior officials on both sides favor a surveillance regime which is… 703 more words


GOD OF THE REPULSIVE = BARACK OBAMA, "The first Jewish president" Sociopath

Obama at synagogue: I’ve been called the first Jewish president, you know

This is a bit like Reagan calling himself the first Soviet president. 171 more words

Barack Obama