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The True Extent of British Muslims' Support for ISIS: 'Hardly Any, Except for Nutters'

I was talking to a friend of mine the other week about ISIS and Islamist terrorism. He’s an academic, who has assisted lecturing in Islam at university. 191 more words


NATO: the imperial pit-bull

Posted on Global Research
Original source: Z Magazine, February 2009  — 23 January 2009
By Edward S. Herman

One of the deceptive clichés of Western accounts of post World War II history is that NATO was constructed  as a defensive arrangement to block the threat of  a Soviet attack on Western Europe.  2,874 more words

The Anatomy of a Transition

The Triumph of Democracy in Spain by Paul Preston

The story of Francisco Franco’s long rule in Spain is book-ended by two decisive events; the Spanish Civil War, and the transition to democracy that followed his death in 1975. 1,231 more words




Happiness, is a transient,

seldom it pass my way.

Existing for nothing,

but a moment;

in short guilty stay,

a fleeting sensation

devoid of lasting worth. 379 more words

Animal Rights

Farage and the Tories Will Privatise the NHS Meme

I also found this meme over at the SlatUKIP site reminding everyone that Farage and the Tories want to privatise the NHS. I’m posting it here because it is a handy and striking image of what they really stand for.