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The 100th Post: The Darker Side Of The Story--With A Depressing Plot [L+A] [E]

All right! So far, so good. I’ve reached a hundred posts already? In fact, I just did.

In this special post, I’m going to share my views about writing stories with disturbing content. 2,023 more words


when my mind isn't my own

You keep popping up in my head. Go away.

Figures that the only way I can exorcise you temporarily is through distraction. Like writing, except that of course I’m defeating my purpose by writing about you anyway. 512 more words

It's not about the money, money, money. Or is it?

What is people’s fascination with money?

I mean, yeah, money is necessary to live and it’s nice to have that little extra to treat yourself. My issue is that more and more recently I hear people bragging about how much something costs, or judging people based on the cost of things like their car or how much they earn. 321 more words


Complete Cardiac Transplant

Stuff like this is totally fascinating. Here’s a…

Complete cardiac transplant

Fun And Interesting

Fascination ----- A Concept.

Fascination depends on each
could be different in a reach
a child loves toys
they are his joy
a girl likes a beautiful dress
it must be her press… 28 more words


I promise this post is PG...sort of 

* warning, this may offend some, so turn away if you’re easily offended. This is just an opinion post.

I’ve come to wonder a little too much in HOW there is a fascination with big butts and how it’s the trait of a hot or beautiful women, Kim Kardashian for example I don’t find hot at all… 318 more words


A Child's Time-In Simple Rhyme (135)

Down to the core-

Everyone of us is fascinated with the dinosaur.