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Fart Cookies

Need to feel better about yourself or your kids?

For the most part, I’ve blogged about my cute kid. Please do not think he’s perfect. Or that my kid is better than yours. 498 more words


Episode 10: a Visual Guide

Have you ever had that one friend who like, murders people? But she has the coolest clothes, so you keep her around in case she… 401 more words


Underwear Patch To Make Your Farts Smell Like Mint

Afraid to fart coz it smells too bad??  Try this underwear patch

Fart Protection Pad After many years and thanks to the collaboration of the world’s best scientific researchers there has been a revolutionary discovery this year: the underwear patch. 90 more words


talking about you

if people are talking about you behind your back, then just fart. thursday quote


And I mean it from the bottom of my fart

I recently did ‘The First Fart’ in front of my boyfriend. It had happened previously in my sleep, but that wasn’t so bad because I wasn’t conscious. 261 more words


Turk’s Text of the Day (or every other day or so…): April 13, 2015

After writing my blog post about the mysterious note regarding someone not returning phone calls, my sister, Laura, wasn’t responding to my calls or texts. (Maybe the note was about her?) I was worried she was mad about my confession that I had taken her printer without telling her it would, in fact, work with her laptop.   259 more words