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Get Your Dirty Booty... This Is The Nastiest Couple EVER!!! [video]

I’ve heard of some weird relationship fetishes… But this takes the cake. When you think of freaky fore play, what comes to mind??? Sucking toes, eating booty, etc. 73 more words

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Being the big spoon.

A little bit of supportive pressure on your tummy can go a long way to helping ease pain.

Be it a hot water bottle – mine is named harry (pictured). 110 more words


Why Do I Fart So Much: 3 Main Considerations

Click Here to Stop Farting!   If you frequently ask “why do I fart so much” then you’ll be surprised to find that many people suffer from the same problem. 28 more words

How not to lose weight

This is actually a no make-up selfie…I may look sick here but I’m not

Everyone at some point has thought about losing weight but for me it’s never about losing weight. 793 more words

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