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The 66 Day Art Challenge ( 3 days to go..Days #62 & 63)...

Just ask Scott Steinberg~

Faber-Castell Bold Art Pen/Crayola Crayon

The Newest Best X-Man yet~

Faber-Castell Bold Art Pen/Colored Sharpie


A Brief Love Letter to Everything

Should one day, my life flash before my eyes, as they say it will, I hope, first, to remember the fart jokes. The three of us, in our lamp lit house, laughing until we could not breath. 516 more words


My new cover for the short story collection The Kingdom of the Cats

Contains the epic American Legend “The Man from Nantucket.” The true story about the man who wrote America’s favorite XXX limericks!

007 Rant

We’ve all been there; Stomach churning with that loud Tummy Terrorizer growling away… You’re sitting there with that cute guy, cuddling and just hoping he giggles at the “charming” noises exuding from your waist.   1,159 more words


Part 3 of Memorable Teachers Series: Dumbledore

Lest I be scorned for what may be a misguided and adolescent love affair with the Harry Potter series, hold up. This is purely academic. I don’t even own any Potter paraphernalia. 1,430 more words