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Field vs. Garden Soil.. a closer look

I analyzed the field and garden soil from the previous post, and it’s clear under the microscope that the structure is quite¬†different between them. This is probably why there was a big difference in clarity when the samples had settled. 674 more words


Bits and Tongues

By Jamie Cleary PH.D

Bits and tongues, tiny yet potent. Both are devices used in an attempt to control another. Ironically, controlling these unruly little tools themselves is such an arduous task, we often find our use of either utterly inadequate to accomplish anything good. 1,066 more words


What else is left?

Dad stretched the wire, full of double twisted barbs
Along the newly dried section line, where drain tiles run so deep.
Cud chewing cattle eyeing the sweet uncut clover…

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The Mind-Boggling Truth Behind Biomass.

As Gnome would put it, “Biomass is a Bitch!” and I truly agree with him, after the amount of work I have done in gathering medicinal herbs to dry. ¬† 296 more words


Most Wonderful Time of the Year & Dandelions

There is a different energy accompanying Spring and we naturally are in sync with it, we just may not realize it. Even during nice days throughout the Winter when I could have gone out and worked, you know, got a little ahead, I just didn’t feel like it. 432 more words

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