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Camera House changes hands

Do you want to know how tall Sheila my beautiful big fat pig is? Molly got to have Camera House yesterday afternoon. I am almost 5’8″, and Sheila comes up past my hip.  189 more words


But where will the Angels Sit?

Do you ever wonder where the angels sit? When people come to visit with their angels.  The door banging twice. Girl. Angel. Because, really, there is only so  much room in my little house. 1,411 more words


Kitchen Mama

Yesterday our two girls Molly and Whitney were the 1940’s Kitchen Mamas.  They are travelling together, have known each other since kindergarten, though they go to different colleges now and like all old and fast friends are a perfect team. 238 more words


Politicians Pushing To Hunt More Wolves, Despite Public Opposition


It seems as though those land owners and farmers have politicians by the balls no matter which country you live in… Cattle ranching (beef) is the absolute antithesis of conservation and ecology, or indeed any kind of responsible use of our wild spaces. 91 more words


Saving Indonesia's Tropical Forests | Environment | The News Hub


Articles such as this make me want to weep with horror and frustration. And then vomit. What are we doing still cutting down entire swathes of pristine, highly diverse forests… 99 more words