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Chicks Get a Roost

It’s time the young ones get some roosting practice so that they’re ready when they move into the grown-up coop. ¬†A few of them got it right away, but the most fascinating part of their new furniture was the screws. :-)


Asparagus Spears; weapons of mass nutrition 

Asparagus season is just past midway.

Our foundation is finally back filled, hopefully the concrete will happen soon for the crawl space.
My eldest son just turned 7, holy crap! 102 more words


Farm experience at Toucheng Leisure Farm, Yilan, Taiwan

Yilan is one of the countries in Taiwan. It is half made up of sea and the other half by mountains. It provides unique scenic views, and offers cold and hot springs and nature trails that allow us to escape from the bustling city. 774 more words