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The Big Plan?

Everyone has these plans of where they want to go, what they want to do, how university is right around the corner and im sitting here like what? 243 more words

The Beauty Of Spring.

As the sun peeks out of the ground, and turns the dark night into a morning glow the beauty of spring begins. The nice crisp air will go into my lungs welcoming me. 107 more words

Moving house

The deed is done. I have now officially moved in with my parents.

I found the whole weekend to be incredibly difficult and sad. I have been in my lovely little house for nearly 9 years. 337 more words

Moving From A Farm To A Small Town.

Moving from a farm to a small town was odd, i never lived in a town or city before i was used to the wide open space and the smell of horses, the out doors and trees. 285 more words

Weekend and training week #11 & #12 recaps.

Hi there. How is everyone? I’m doing pretty good, for a Monday. Is it just me or are you exhausted on Mondays too? The weekends go just as fast as they start. 105 more words

Hard boiling Fresh Eggs

We have chickens.  13 of them.  Which means, we have eggs.  13 of them.  A day.  We eat quite a few eggs per day as a family but not enough to keep up with the amount we are taking in.   267 more words


Cow Friends

While driving through the incredibly rural, one-lane, barely paved, back roads of Normandy, we found ourselves a little lost and pulled over to the side of the road. 59 more words