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Home at My Farm

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

I’m home, at our beautiful farm. The dogs and I have just gone for a ramble to check on the cows, and to see if we could spy the platypus down in the river.

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We live in the information age.

Now, I know why ignorance is bliss.

I have information coming out of my ears (figuratively, not literally), but the hard part is not acquiring the bits and pieces of information. 431 more words

Farm Life

A Birthday Well Spent

Yesterday was my 33rd Birthday, and I must say, with this new life comes a new set of priorities and expectations. Gone are the days of the wild parties and booze for presents (although, I did get some wine so I’m still keeping it real) and welcome are the days of quiet reflection and a heart full of love. 414 more words

Farm Life

Plans Don't Always Go As Planned

(October 2014)

When I started working on the farm in May, I had planned to stay there until Thanksgiving–about 7 months. I spent most of the summer working in the field during the week, and then exploring my surroundings on the weekend. 672 more words


It Ain't Easy

Transitioning to farm life was a bit strange at first. I was in love with it immediately–the adorably rustic but modern apartment I would be living in, the rows of vegetables, the chickens that greeted me as I walked up the driveway–but it was a lifestyle I wasn’t used to. 566 more words

Summer 2014

The Possum Zombie Apocalypse Will Be My Fault

I really am not sure if I should tell this story. It makes me seem like a terrible, horrible, cruel person. And I am not a terrible, horrible, cruel person. 358 more words

Farm Life

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

What a beautiful weekend we had, although I’d rather be able to say that it’s been raining and cold like winter is supposed to be. I wonder if this is the future. 600 more words

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