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Photo Special

Hi everyone

I promised you some pictures of the recent D of E Practice hike.

Here they are:

Thanks Sue!

Sorry for the delay

Matthew :)

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S2S Leg 3: Tilbury to Beckton

There is a reason that the official Thames Path only goes as far east as the Thames Barrier, and the reason is this: Dagenham. Oh, and Tilbury. 1,013 more words

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Legit Conspiracies

A place where I’ll post possible conspiracies, not the silly crap you find all over the internet. Send ideas at legitconspiracies@gmail.com.

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Veve kids

Salut, aici poti sa -ti descarci formularul. Test

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April wishlist

EN: I actually have an endless wishlist, so I never tried to make a decent list…you know, something under 4371698 items :D . However I menaged and… Voila! 188 more words

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Enduro Fanatics

Enduro is a form of motorcycle sport run on courses that are predominantly off-road. Enduro consists of many different obstacles and challenges.

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