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Skip's Quips: Reconnecting With 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'

Sometimes movies that were childhood favorites remain just as good when you see them through an adult’s eyes.

I felt that way while watching the classic, leprechaun-filled Disney fantasy… 185 more words


My Top 25 Fantasy Movies

Last week I pointed out that there are many different types of fantasy movies… so many that picking favourites can not only be a challenge, but make any list you cobble together look a little all-over-the-place. 2,241 more words


The 10 Popular Types of Fantasy Movies

While we don’t hesitate to label a film “science fiction”, it’s a much rarer occasion that we’ll call a film a “fantasy”. Sure, things like… 1,084 more words

Fantasy Fiction

What if Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines?

By Loryn Brantz at http://www.boredpanda.com/realistic-disney-princess-waistlines-loryn-brantz/

Disney Princesses without body issues… Genius!

Disney’s classic stories are magical and formative tales for youngsters, but there’s no doubt that they can sometimes promote outdated or even unhealthy gender images, especially for women. 100 more words


Review: Seventh Son, 2015, dir. Sergei Bodrov

“This close. You were this close, Sergei Bodrov, this close to finding the right ratio of badness to goodness—this close to churning out a ham and cheese sandwich to rival the likes of Beastmaster, Willow and Hawk the Slayer. 91 more words


"Horns" a drunken review

I had an unexpected day off which meant I should have been writing, but instead it ended up in me watching “Horns,” since it was new on Netflicks. 345 more words

Mumblings And Mutterings

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Here’s another of the summer dragon movies that I didn’t get around to seeing in theaters. Maybe I was hesitant because the first one was so good and I didn’t want to spoil the buzz. 396 more words