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Skip's Quips: Reconnecting With 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'

Sometimes movies that were childhood favorites remain just as good when you see them through an adult’s eyes.

I felt that way while watching the classic, leprechaun-filled Disney fantasy… 185 more words


My Top 25 Fantasy Movies

Last week I pointed out that there are many different types of fantasy movies… so many that picking favourites can not only be a challenge, but make any list you cobble together look a little all-over-the-place. 2,241 more words


The 10 Popular Types of Fantasy Movies

While we don’t hesitate to label a film “science fiction”, it’s a much rarer occasion that we’ll call a film a “fantasy”. Sure, things like… 1,084 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Review: Seventh Son, 2015, dir. Sergei Bodrov

“This close. You were this close, Sergei Bodrov, this close to finding the right ratio of badness to goodness—this close to churning out a ham and cheese sandwich to rival the likes of Beastmaster, Willow and Hawk the Slayer. 91 more words


"Horns" a drunken review

I had an unexpected day off which meant I should have been writing, but instead it ended up in me watching “Horns,” since it was new on Netflicks. 345 more words

Mumblings And Mutterings

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Here’s another of the summer dragon movies that I didn’t get around to seeing in theaters. Maybe I was hesitant because the first one was so good and I didn’t want to spoil the buzz. 396 more words