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Denver Comic Con

I’ll be attending the Denver Comic Con on Saturday, May 23rd.

Just an attendee this time. I registered too late to get an author table, and no plans to speak on any panels. 22 more words


Do Dragons Mourn, Part 4

To close this thread, I can’t pass up the chance to tout my own book. Masters of Air & Fire is a fantasy for middle graders featuring a trio of young wyrmlings who are cast adrift due to the sudden death of their parent. 196 more words


New Commissioned WIP: Different Constellations

My latest work in progress, the cover art for author Janice Fosse’s upcoming YA novel Different Constellations.

Just about have the line art ready.  Next step: grayscale underpainting.


World Builder

In Wings of the Sathakos, my main characters travel across the country of Chassa, cross the sea to Avdallon, and return.

Chassa is the smaller of the two, a heavily-wooded continent with abundant resources. 195 more words


Do Dragons Mourn, Part 3

I think we’ve established a consensus that most literary and mythical dragons are intelligent creatures capable of mourning for lost friends and family. Perhaps more interesting is how dragons would show their grief. 295 more words


Major massive milestone

Ten years.

That’s kind of a long time. Over the course of the past decade, aside from the usual 8-5 job and various successes there, I’ve built most of a house, added a workshop, duck-house, chicken-coop, took up woodworking (I managed to sell a few pieces of furniture), fiddled with bonsai, learned much about the art of home-brewing, and, not least significantly, had three children (okay, I didn’t, my wife did, but I was present). 975 more words

Novel Writing

Author Interview Eighty Nine - Bret James Stewart

Welcome to Bret James Stewart

Where are you from and where do you live now? I am from and currently live in Brevard, North Carolina, a small town near Asheville, in the western mountains of the state.  1,202 more words

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