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I’ve started receiving my first rejection emails from agents.

Each one brings with it a complex series of emotions.

First, the excitement of opening the email. 63 more words


Do Dragons Mourn?

First, let me thank all of you for your condolences. You all know our pets are so much more than mere animals. This particular cat actually was my son’s pet. 155 more words


The Question Of Where

I do my best work when I’m distracted.

I can’t really explain why. I have theories but doubt their accuracy.

For example, I’m writing right now with some French metal blasting in my headphones. 118 more words


Making Time

Tell most people that you’ve written a¬†book and you’ll get a reaction something like, “Oh, that’s great! I’ve always wanted to write a book.” 428 more words



Knuckers are an English variety of dragon who live in pools and ponds called knucker holes. Like most dragons, they are predatory and have voracious appetites. 277 more words


SpaceX Dragon, Part 3

Yes, I’m done with all those silly jokes about dragons flying over mountains! Today I’m following up on a previous blog subject, the spacecraft dubbed… 261 more words


Embrace Conventions

I recently attended StarFest in Denver, a sci-fi and fantasy convention. Due to a busy schedule, I was only there for a few hours a couple of times over the weekend. 278 more words