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Pencil Drawing of Chiron

A drawing of centaur Chiron – the teacher of Perseus, Jason, Achilles and many other heroes.

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A Good Night's Sleep Can Make All the Difference

Last night I was struggling with my writing (I’ve now reached 56,163 words in the third book of my fantasy YA series! Woohoo!) but I came to a halt and couldn’t find my way forward. 81 more words


Chapter 1 - Part 13

Mark looked down at his feet and shifted his weight uncomfortably. He did not want to explain this. He could not.


The Magical Workman Chapter 12: Injured

When I came too all I saw was a bright sea of light, probably sunlight, streaming through my eyes.

Needless to say I was blinded. 327 more words

New Short Fable--VIRTUAL LIFE

Just finished 1st thing I’ve written all year!!! (Kinda got sad and gave up writing for a while.) VIRTUAL LIFE is going into FRACTURED FAIRYTALES of the TWILIGHT ZONE, after editing!! 9 more words


Into Middle Earth, Into Adventure

Review of: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Reviewed by: Jake

“Third time pays well.”  One day there was a hobbit who enjoyed doing the expected, but did something completely unexpected. 392 more words


Things That Go Bump in the Night Some More

More of this nonsense. Now featuring a Vampire Visigoth, kitty issues, iron bullets.


The rest of his shift–the night shift, of course–passed uneventfully. John got the stockroom in some kind of order, turned the radio on, sold a few sodas and packs of cigarettes. 2,945 more words