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Ed Sheeran Appreciation Post

Can we just take a moment…


Some of you are probably judging me so badly right now, but oh well.

I think he’s perfect. I pretty much always have but I just felt the love very strongly today, so I thought I might share it :) 598 more words


Teen wolf, Season 5!! *fangirling*

I’ve just finished watching Teen Wolf season 4, and oh boy! I love what happens to Derek at the end.

It’s perfect.

I am so… 114 more words

Teen Wolf

Chapter 18: The Rebound Hooper

As excited as Christen was last Friday, she hasn’t talked to me since. I’m just going to come out and say this: I totally hate putting all my energy in this friendship and still not feeling like I’m good enough for her. 374 more words

Hi gang

It feels like it’s been a long time again. Which is silly because a lot has been going on in my fangirly world as of late. 274 more words


Star Wars Fangirling: Ranking The Star Wars Movies From Worst to Best

Little nerds everywhere watched Star Wars growing up. Parents around the world would show A New Hope to their tiny nerds in order to immerse them in Lucas’ magical world. 2,274 more words


Chapter 17: introducing the hoop to my curious friend

I’ve been hooping for two months now, and I’m starting to get a lot of hoop love. My friends finally decided not to be shy and try to spin with my hoop, it happened last night at Denny’s and my friends, Ana and Christan, gave in and told me they wanted to learn too. 949 more words