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On Fandom and Shorts (not the kind you wear)

Fangirls and fanboys, the screaming masses at One Direction concerts, the kids on Wattpad reading the fan-fictions and emoticon-ing their fingers off. Am I a fangirl? 288 more words



Can Zayn not do this?

I’m experiencing so much chest pain just by looking at him. He’s pulled off the BillionaireSugarDaddy look, now he needs to pay for my tuition. 121 more words


Review: Eleanor & Park and Fangirl

I thought I’d do a two in one sort of blog for these books. It’s interesting because my views on them are vastly different. Eleanor & Park  522 more words


Book Review: FANGIRL

  • Judul buku: Fangirl
  • Penulis: Rainbow Rowell
  • Ukuran: 19.56 x 12.95 x 3.30 cm
  • Penerbit: Macmillan Children’s Books
  • Bahasa: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781447263227

Identitas buku yang saya uraikan di atas adalah versi buku terbitan penerbit luar. 349 more words

Book Review

EXO showtime last episode

That’s why I don’t want to watch EXO’s showtime!😭 now I’m crying! Dang those leaders😭 asdjkl&@!(

Galaxy oppa, fighting!😂

How to know you are a Fangirl

I remember in high school when the new Harry Potter book became available . This was Harry Potter and the half blood prince. I had so much hopes and dreams about how everything in Hogwarts would turn out , but I couldn’t get the book because my mum refused to buy it at the time . 476 more words