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Introducing me: 25 things to know about me  and 25 things to expect from this blog

Im basically doing this for people who don’t know me who might begin following this blog in the future
1. Hi I’m Klaudia
2. I’m a teenage fangirl… 380 more words

Doctor Who

Thoughts on Fandoms

Dear Adi,

Fandoms. Some people say it’s a way of life, but some say that it’s “stupid” and not worth your time.

Is that so? 201 more words


Lilly Potter and the Yule Ball pt. 2

Timothy Weasly was the most handsome Quidditch player in the Gryffindor house. Lilly was on the team as well, playing chaser with Timothy and Constance Weasly. 83 more words


Eurovision aftermath

What happens after Eurovision?

That’s the big question for the fans, right? At least for me it is. And for me, not much is that different from before the shows, but with different emotions. 1,231 more words


Fandom Culture

The word “fandom” didn’t exist until recent years, though the concept of the super-fan isn’t a new one. Trekkies, Potterheads, Twi-hards (I’m sorry, that one is horrible) are all examples of fandoms that have existed throughout the decades–groups of intensely passionate fans devoted to their franchise of choice. 304 more words


Supernatural Takeover

It’s taking me longer than expected to finish¬†The Royal We and not because I lost interest or I was not enjoying the book, in fact, it’s the complete opposite; I’m am enjoying the book immensely. 221 more words


ESC 2015 - Grand Final Recap

And again, all my thoughts from the show. Have fun! :)

Oh god, why didn’t I start this earlier? It’s right now exactly 3:26 in the morning. 1,160 more words