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Tom Puppy and the Visitor from Planet Clueless

A Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy supporter posted an op-ed on the men’s rights site Return of the Kings (he links to and heavily paraphrases one of the Sad Puppy podcasts), “ 669 more words



A variety of unimportant things…

If you have never seen ‘The Ballad of Russell and Julie,’ now is as good a time as ever. I thought of it as I was thinking of a title for this post; the phrase ‘ming-mong’ came to mind, which I only know of via this video (and accompanying… 387 more words

Doctor Who

A Star Trek Fan Turned His Company's Headquarters Into The Enterprise

You probably know NetDragon Websoft best for games like Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Developing these games has been very profitable for the Chinese company, so much so, in fact, that Liu Dejian, the owner of the company and a huge Star Trek fan, decided to… … 125 more words

Web Culture

Chainmail Bikinis

A new anthology is on Kickstarter, promising to investigate the geeky-side of things from the view of women involved in the gaming industry and other areas of “nerdiness.” The anthology brings together some top web comics artists and writers, all of them female, to tell their own tales of being a woman in a subculture arena that operates like an old boys’ club more often than not. 524 more words

Boring Boring Chelsea? - Why Jose's Catenaccio Calcio should be admired.

As an Arsenal fan through and through, this article will come as a surprise to not only those that know me, but also to myself. It only dawned on me whilst writing my articles   900 more words

Blog Introspection Challenge

Blog Introspection Challenge

(created by Guylty. read more here)

1.) What made you start blogging?

Well, I had been “researching” Richard Armitage extensively for about four months. 410 more words

Richard Armitage

Further Things to Know About Us

K:  Good evening (that’s god kväll to you, Swedes)!  I’m Kylie, the Australian.  I’m sitting here chatting with Johan on Skype (part of our daily ritual), trying to write this post for you to get to know us.   458 more words