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P as Potterhead

Google search!

And speaking of obsession, here it is another one for you with the letter P!

I love Harry Potter saga and I think then, although I couldn’t quote it from cover to cover, that I can be considered a Potterhead! 673 more words


The Right of Redemption

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to finish a series of fanfics that consider a minor character in one of my favorite fandoms more positively than the fandom has generally interpreted them. 198 more words


Observative Reverance

As an admirer, respecter, advocate, and fan of Professional Wrestling I have had the blessed privilege of being Followed by my favorites on Social Media. All of which who happen to be women, so I have been able to observe some of their interactions with other fans. 390 more words

Society's Habits

Let's Talk Pokémon!

I am a huge fan of Pokémon. Always have been, always will be. I first discovered Pokémon when I was 5/6 years old. I remember coming home from school at 2 o’clock and asking my Nana to put it on on the TV in her bedroom. 1,047 more words


49 During the hiatus

It’s almost two weeks since I last tweeted, and recently I logged in to find information about TVXQ’s upcoming concert in Bangkok. I must say I don’t have any intention to come back spazzing in Twitter anytime soon. 287 more words

Bits Of Life

Nerdcore, whats it all about?

Some of you may of heard of this genre called Nerdcore, doesn’t sound that legit? It had some noobish beginnings, now its becoming a serious defined genre. 101 more words

This Side Of Pluto

On Being Non-Compliant (or, on Being a Female Geek)

If you follow me on Twitter (@geeky_vixen), you’ve seen me talk a lot about being a female comics fan. I’m going to attempt to organize those thoughts here, and thankfully I’m a lot calmer than when I initially wrote those tweets. 975 more words