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Important to the Rat Nation

The ancient orator, esteemed ruler of the Rat Nation, such very important things to say.

Rats are innocent!

I’m always a little suspicious of articles which say things like ‘scientists say…’ ‘scientists claim that…’ ‘research suggests…’ My father and my uncle were scientists and I guess I’m a little cynical of these headline grabbing science news items. 200 more words

Bits And Pieces

An int-rat-duction

Hello guys and thank you for checking out Puku’s Rat Rescue blog! This is our first post so we thought it would be good to introduce a little bit about us and our rats. 919 more words

Fancy Rats

Halloween 2014

Halloween is my favourite day of the year, so here is a festive post full of poor-quality seasonal pet photographs! I carved a pumpkin into a head/house for my pet rats, and tried to take photographs as they explored it. 124 more words


Ratties chilling on their new log perch!

Welcome Eevee and Zelena!

The girls are HEEEEEERE and I’m 99.9% sure I have rattie fever. I’m at school now with free time and all I want is my babies to play with! 57 more words

It's Now A Waiting Game...

It’s now just a waiting game! The cage is almost 100% ready to go, and the video about it can be found here! http://youtu.be/onVPSpgDjq4

Since the teacher strike is happening up here in B.C., we’re likely going to be missing the last week of school (including the exams, yay!), opening up a time period to MAYBE go pick the ratties up. 136 more words