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HTC One M9 makes official debut

If you are a fan of HTC-made devices, the day you ve been waiting for has finally come. The HTC One M9 has just made its debut at MWC 2015. 149 more words

I ­čĺŤ Dyson

A few months back while I was in Melbourne, I tagged along with my sensational blogger sister Maryanne of Domestic Divinity and our two rugrats to the Kids Business Bbq event. 453 more words

Living Well

Dead rise part#2-battle at the sun

Re equipping my helmet and bandana I loaded my weapons and waited for further orders. Before we could even think a jeep rolled in and two gas masked men jumped out beginning to fire. 178 more words

Rylai - Crystal Maiden

 Just a fan art of Rylai from DOTA though the hand was really perfectly imperfect :)

Yeeah I tried to put color on it but I just have 6 kinds of coloring pencil, I dont have all the colors so I just used black instead of blue for her hood and cape. 34 more words

Being a fan? What's your opinion?

Last night I was hanging out with my cousin, and while we were watching TV we saw One Direction (a boy band) and me being a bitbof fan I started saying how cute is Harry and stuff like that, but he kinda started to give this speech how you shouldn’t be a fan, because os bad and stuff. 24 more words

Throw Back - ''Andy Johnson for England''

Andy Johnson, once seen as the saviour of English football now has an injury list as long as Peru. The poor chap is now struggling to remain in football as he is without a club (a little hint for fellow Football Manager players, although requiring a good physio is optional). 96 more words