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New Interview, Plus Two GREAT Writing Resources

Many apologies for my recent absence, but I promise it was for a good cause. As my fellow Foreverists know, our beloved show was canceled following the wonderful Season 1 Finale. 438 more words

Fan Stuff

Reeve Carney being Reeve Carney - good music + other fan and funny stuffs

So here is the beautiful guy from the Penny Dreadful series, whom we usually just refer as Mr. Grey, but actually there is more behind this character’s actor which you might haven’t known yet. 382 more words

Penny Dreadful

Lego Millennium Falcon by Titans Creations

Titans Creations in Singaport have created the ultimate cutaway Millennium Falcon out of Lego.

Using 10, 000 Lego bricks, this model is a massive 3′ 7″ by 3′ 4″ and includes LED lighting for the engine, corridor and cockpit. 30 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Care and Feeding of Your Forever Obsession

**Post inspired by “TERESA LISBON: The Owner’s Maintenance Guide” by Aeidhryn.** (go read it, it’s hilarious)

Care and Feeding of Your Forever Obsession

So, you’ve recently become obsessed with one of TV’s absolute best shows: … 555 more words

Fan Stuff

Papercraft Millennium Falcon Model by Bernard Szukiel

This amazing 38″ model of the Episode IV version of the Millennium Falcon is by modeller Bernard Szukiel and it came to my attention this afternoon. 63 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Truly Geek Fandoms

Erin is back for another rant about fandoms!

This is not actually about what you normally think when you hear the word “fandom”, though. It’s actually more of a closed-circuit phenomenon, really… 297 more words

Translation please?

Okay, so I took this quiz the other day, and I got this:

Can someone translate this for me, please? The only ones I know are LotR, Star Wars, and Chronicles of Narnia. -_-