Stewart Copeland-Off the Score Concert

Rodney- He is the reason I love music. He is the reason I love to play music. He is the reason I play the drums. He started The Police. 720 more words

Why this and why now?

The goal of this blog is to connect fellow travelers with big families of small children with the real life experiences of our crazy family and our wacky ideas. 143 more words

Family Travel

Why Go? Some Family Facts On Halifax

Head to Halifax. It is a hit! In fact, a home run at that :)

Not only is Halifax a beautiful city with tons of character set in a harbour but outside its city limits, awaits the eastern coastline of Canada, a trip to die for or at least to drive for. 483 more words

Fun Activities

Zig Zag Travel Guides for Little Jet Setters

We love to travel as a family! Exploring new cities, countries, cultures and cuisines is so exciting, especially when traveling with curious little ones. I am always on the lookout for ways to make the travel experience more interactive and entertaining, which is why I am a big fan of… 115 more words


In Search Of Leprechauns

A day trip to Dublin with a dose of sightseeing later in the day, we decided to spend the morning in search of leprechauns at the National Leprechaun Museum. 549 more words


Living The Dream: Visit Me On A Path Less Travelled

Andrew sold all his belongings back in 2013 to start his travel lifestyle after a serious injury left him unable to talk for 2 years or use his hands. 25 more words