Rotolight RL48 Ringlight + Roto-Mic Review: Making Your Photos And Video Shine

In photography and videography, lighting is everything. But since we live on the road it’s not practical for me to carry bulking lighting gear. So what could I do? 6 more words

5 Reasons To Love Melbourne

Melbourne is a steaming melting pot of cultures from around the world. The weather is unpredictable and can be down right horrid at times, but it’s still easy to see why people fall in love with Melbourne. 10 more words

An introvert's guide to surviving King's Day

This 27th of April will mark the second King’s Day in the Netherlands after 123 years previous Queen’s Days. The name might change, but the essence of the day will remain. 824 more words

Family Travel

My little guy Sterling has officially flown ten times now, in his first two years of life! I am from North Carolina and we live in Utah, so I am sure this is just the beginning of many of travels for our family. 1,968 more words

Being Mommy

Its been 5 weeks, 6 days and 10 hours...

. …since we returned, and I have really missed writing this blog. As somebody who religiously keeps a diary, the desire to write about the minutiae of my life was clearly already there, but writing a blog gives it a bit more structure, and means you cannot be too over-indulgent. 991 more words

Family Travel

5 Travel Tips To Make It Out Of The Airport Alive

^ That’s a five-week-old World’s Cutest Human just after her first 9-hour flight to Europe, calmly chilling in her car seat. Precious, eh? Start ’em young! 1,086 more words

Family Travel