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Adulthood after a childhood broken home

Today I read an interesting blog post about the effect of divorce on the children when they become adults.  It made me think about my perspective on that.   698 more words


Day 4: My Earliest Memory

As I look back through my mental picture book, I keep dead-ending at this image of me and my parents in a pool. I’m sure if I really press, I can find something older, more significant, like the first time I ate _____, or my first experience with ______. 885 more words

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So much happy, and some sad.

One thing that’s pretty clear about my mother: she doesn’t want us spending a lot of time crying about her, or feeling sad around her.  I think I’d be the same way, and I’m going to do my best to have as many happy conversations as we can. 696 more words

Family Stuff

Mystery of the lost glasses!

<sigh>… how can glasses just grow legs and walk away?  My oldest son is legally blind.. he was born completely blind but after going to China to receive a new treatment, he can now see.   243 more words




I have made another book box for Colin’s Sisters Birthday.  I found this vintage Girls Annual Book months ago, I thought that could be a pressie for Sandra one day. 156 more words

Family Stuff

Children's Birthdays!

I have always been emotional about my children’s birthdays. I want to give them great memories of family, friends and celebrating THEM!  To me, there is nothing worse than not taking the time to make every single child’s birthday a true holiday in their world!   440 more words


Hugh and Frank go to gaol

Dot writes: on Saturday I decided to ditch my Society of Recorder Players meeting in favour of spending some time with my family. So obviously we had to undertake some kind of stressful cultural outing to justify this. 382 more words