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Excuse the mess…I am new at blogging. I am not sure why I’ve picked this new hobby. Maybe because as a mother of 3 – life’s adventures are worth sharing. 1,249 more words


Birth order...in life and in characterization

I’m fascinated by families and birth order. As an only child, I was the solitary kid in rooms always filled with adults. I think one of the reasons I’m such a good and thorough observer is because I was raised in that era where children were seen but never heard. 521 more words

Romance Writers

Rule # 14: Aunt MiMi's Famous Dip!

Aunt MiMi was a party in a pale blue pantsuit.

Aunt MiMi had been quite the social butterfly in her younger years, and age hadn’t made much of a dent in her sparkle. 428 more words


Rule # 12: The Perfect Gift Is Something You Would Like For Yourself

Again, a rule my father actually articulated. The problems with this rule should be immediately apparent. I am ashamed to admit how old I was before I realized this probably wasn’t the best guideline for gift giving. 514 more words


Rule # 10: If There is a Problem, it Must Be Your Problem

My Dad had no problems. No, really. It’s true. I heard him say so myself.

When Mom attempted to ask for help or discuss problems she was having with us kids or, God forbid, her relationship with him, my father responded predictably. 25 more words


Rule # 8: A Lie is a Spank

Dad coined this rule and actually called it “A Lie is a Spank.”

What he said was: A lie is a spank. If you tell the truth, I may not be happy but I will not punish you. 300 more words


Time to catch up

If you’ve ever wanted to catch-up on my novels and CDs, now is the best time to do so!

For the next two weeks, the combo pack (4 novels/2 CDs) will be priced at just $50 – buying the items individually would cost in the region of $130! 11 more words