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This Picture Sums Up Our Attempt To Take A Family Photo Pretty Well

Sweet Lord, I’m all sorts of shapes. No lie – after seeing this photo, I got on the phone with my doc IMMEDIATELY and requested a double prescription of Propecia STAT. 287 more words


Southern Pride

This weekend I was reminded of what my southern heritage truly was, and that is family. It’s been years since we’ve all managed to get together. 661 more words


He Never Ceases to Surprise Me

So, Friday, while watching Obama’s statement on the marriage equality decision, I was crying with joy. Then my dad called me.
Rewind to me coming out to him at the age of 18 at the family reunion and at that time he blamed my mother for various “reasons.” Throughout my relationship with him, it has been a roller coaster in the dark… you never know which way it’s going to go. 444 more words


Lake Love

Grand Lake holds a special place in my heart.  Dad’s parents had a home there for most of my childhood, and my memories of summers spent there are…magical. 536 more words


#MTDoV Series: One Lourdes Dormitel

June 9th. The third series for #MTDoV Series.

We ended our day one in Iloilo with a movie San Andreas and a good night sleep at single bedroom at One Lourdes Dormitel. 469 more words


Time Passes

My, how time flashes by.  It doesn’t seem like a month, but it has been.  Well, lets see what’s been happening and what’s new…

I have a very kind gentleman who mows my yard for me when he mows the church’s yard (the Baptist Church is my neighbor).  403 more words


Hello from Hong Kong!

Lei hou! That’s how you say hello in Cantonese the local language of this amazing place. I’m here in Hong Kong visiting family for a few days. 454 more words