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A Smoldering Dumpsite Called Home: Life in Manila Slums

By Re

I woke up in my bunk in Makati, Manila’s Boutique Hostel. It was 6 in the morning but impatience woke me before my alarm had the chance to irritate the others with whom I shared a dorm. 871 more words

Women To Watch

I can't believe I'm half way there!!

Goodness I am so behind on posting updates. I don’t even know what happened…but I’m alive and I’ve made it to the half way mark! I’m just a few days shy of 22 weeks now. 1,134 more words

Pregnancy Loss

sitting on the shelf.

so after 6 days of super weirdness in the aunt flo department, I seem to finally be done with the spotting. I never really got anything resembling my normal period, but I did manage to take 6 tests over the past two weeks – all negative, the last of which was taken this morning. 618 more words

Anxiety, uni work and husbands!

Well it’s Wednesday and I haven’t managed to do the uni work I wanted to do, but I am in so much pain today :( I didn’t stop yesterday it was just crazy…. 528 more words

Fibro And My Life After Getting Sick

Today I am a Better Person Because I Have Survived Loosing 5 Babies

After writing about 10 adoption positives, I decided to keep going with my search for positivity. So, today, I am thinking critically about things that have left a positive impact on my life and my soul as a result of expecting Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and having 5 consecutive miscarriages. 678 more words

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

weirdness when i need reassurance.

wouldn’t it figure I end up with the weirdest period this particular cycle…

friday – very very minimal spotting. brown.
saturday – heavier, still brown, a few tinges of red. 168 more words

14w3d - I guess this is the "bitch" phase

My tolerance level is LOW.  Like, maybe-actually-in-the-negative, low.  I just really and truly have no time or energy for bullshit right now.  A few examples: 894 more words

Family Planning