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Helping governments turn family planning commitments and goals into programmes and policies

To expand access to contraception, leaders must be strategic in how to invest limited resources among competing priorities. As a result, governments have invested in family planning  279 more words

Family Planning

Sunday Synopsis

Why mentioning a Loved One who Has Recently Passed Away Matters-  Yes- please speak the name of our children. yes, at parties.  Yes, even when we seem happy- it will not bring us down.   362 more words

Safe Contraception

The secular world tells us that we can have sex whenever and with whomever we please, even outside of marriage, as long as we’re “safe,” and take the “necessary precautions” to prevent children, whether it be birth control, barrier contraceptives, or even abortion. 1,156 more words


Genetic Progenies

The thing about living things is that reproduction for them is a biological imperative. Like take the virus, for example — its main reason for being is to produce another virus and then another and another; until it is just swimming in a sea, an ocean of its copies. 562 more words


What is a Roller Coaster?

Kerchickety-thunk. Kerchickety-thunk. Kerchickety-thunk. The cart is ratcheted forward up the steep incline, ascending one kerchikety-thunk at a time, until the apex of the hill, and then… 735 more words


speechless gratitude.

Let me start by saying, I am so burnt out I can hardly see straight… I’ll keep this short, as I’m having trouble even spelling correctly at this point. 354 more words

Loving on All the Mamas

I was excited to attend a baby shower over the weekend for a friend who is due with her first baby in June. There were a total of 6 of us (out of maybe 17 or 18) at the shower that were pregnant. 554 more words