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No two people are experiencing life the same, yet one is all and all is one. We are all familiar strangers…



Dating, Again...Six.

Love can have many containers but words are how I can see it expressed best which contradicts the language of others sometimes. There was a guy called Alcott that wrote his ideas out of consciousness to see what they looked liked and I agree that we can see a lot by looking into ourselves. 891 more words


Feeling Safe

I’ve discovered I feel safe in a place I should not be.  Not a place I shouldn’t feel safe in, but a place that I just should be in at all.   196 more words

Where Do You Belong?

My husband became U.S. Citizen yesterday. Yes, that’s him in my glasses. Now, he has all the rights of an American and at the same time, the responsibilities that come along. 367 more words