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An Ally in the Woods

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Mikon turned swiftly on his heels, the rest of the pack falling in line silently behind him. Before they moved off, he turned and looked at me pointedly. 1,979 more words

Black Cat

Adette Price Chapter 12: Who Uses a Bubble?

It’s that time again. Sorry it’s a few days late, but I’m posting the next chapter in the Adette series. We actually get a glimpse of the enemy. 6 more words

Adette Price

What is Poetry (Part 2)

Continuing from the last post.

Writing is split in to 2 categories: Formal and Infromal. What you are reading now is an infomal and a Prose. 288 more words

Interesting Lectures


Well that’s creepy because you don’t look familiar at all.

Ok Cupid


Comenzemos el blog de clinica integral familiar.

Somos un centro de salud localizado al sur-oriente de la Ciudad de México y está conformado por un prestigioso y multidisciplinario equipo humano y con la más alta tecnología y actualización medica para el diagnóstico y tratamiento de cada una de las especialidades. 145 more words


Dead? Or Very Much Alive?

I am uant-flay in ig-pay atlin-lay (I am fluent in pig Latin, for you non-speakers).

I love words, as I said in my About Me page. 161 more words

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