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Grammar: Dialogue Tags

So as promised, I’m going to try to give helpful grammar tips. This first one is something that a lot of people have asked me about, so I’m going to just dive right in. 390 more words


Matrix of dreams and reality in Dorcas Casey’s sculpture

Augustė Chocianaitė meets Dorcas Casey

Dreams have been surrounded by myths and beliefs within different cultures since time immemorial. Young sculpture artist, Dorcas Casey harnesses the power of dreams by using them as the main source of inspiration for her surreal and unearthly works of art. 436 more words

Artist Feature

Cats and Dogs

Snobbish. That was the word for them and their twitchy irate tails. They had nothing to be upset about, fed and kept warm and now squealed over. 820 more words


the finishing line

finally i near
the finishing line
it moves
further and further
i keep following
till i reach
a familiar point

…the beginning


What Is a Living Will in California?

If you are not familiar with any other estate planning document, you have probably heard of the document called a last will or last will and testament. 149 more words


I breathed the air
It was unfamiliar
The wind was foreign to me

The place was well known
Yet unknown as well
To me it was a mystery… 31 more words


Re-stock of Products

Hello Lovely Gypsies…

The Gypsy’s Aura Elixir will be restocked ASAP! A new batch is in the process of being made…with magic, moonlight, and the highest quality botanicals… Get one… it will change your life! 28 more words