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How Is This Good?

The snow fell, swirling and dancing through the sunlight.  She watched, entranced at the glittering display of beauty.

“Look!” She called to the little girl whom she was babysitting, who was wielding her crayons at the kitchen table.  782 more words

Various communications

Here are various communications in the timeline:Here is the infamous grievance response from Bernard Gray, sent as an email attachment:I forwarded it to ACAS for their information: 115 more words

Abbey Wood

Defamation of character

This is more for the record than anything.

As I can now demonstrate that Dan Bishop’s laughably-described ‘investigation’ swept under the mat the disgusting falsehoods told about me by Avril Morton, Anna Meyer… 82 more words

Abbey Wood


Fulfilling Faults

A No One in a World of Billions.


A cigarette. An excess of alcohol. A mind fogged. Why am I here.  What is this fool talking about?   379 more words


Testimonial: "I am not the only student in this state."

“I am a PhD student in my second year. I started having some trouble with my thesis supervisor midway through last year – she kept mocking my work to other students, and she would interrupt my presentations the group over the slightest mistake (like spelling in my slides). 237 more words


Truth versus Apology

If you apologize for something that isn’t really your fault, you are bringing a false accusation against yourself. Proverbs says a gentle answer (not a dishonest answer) turns away wrath. 14 more words

Life Lessons