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Oklahoma's Legislative Majority Can't Count

When discussing the state of and source of Oklahoma’s monetary income, there is LITTLE or NO mention of portions of state tax monies paid to and returned to us by the federal government. 600 more words

Oh what a week it was!

Oklahoma’s Republican led legislature’s position to continue with recent tax cuts and tax giveaways they have put into law is the major factor causing the 611 Million Dollars shortfall in our state’s 2015-2016 budget. 621 more words

States of Emergency Declared in Indiana, Oklahoma, Chile

HIV Outbreak: Indiana Declares State of Emergency

Indiana Gov. Pence has declared a public health emergency after “the worst HIV outbreak in the state’s history.” 311 more words

News Alert

Do Not Use "Slight of Hand" to Balance Oklahoma's Budget

In this legislative session, there has been very little attention paid by our legislators to the $611.3 Million shortfall for the 2016 budget. This shortfall cannot be totally blamed on the continuing energy production crisis in Oklahoma. 582 more words

Alicia Keys in Santa Barbara? Yes, please!

Hello! After taking a much needed vacation, I’m back to write more!!! To start 2015 in great (music) taste, I chose to review Alicia Keys concert, which I attended mid August of 2008 in Santa Barbara, California. 264 more words


Sunday's 5: Alicia Keys

A ‘throwback’ to 15 times Grammy winner Alicia Keys! 335 more words