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I have an indescribable love for being cozy and comfy, still all while being fashionable, of course. I have my days where I look very feminine but there is no doubt that I love to add edge and a grunge-y look to my outfit on other days. 210 more words


gone but not forgotten

The Universe is very, very big.
It also loves a paradox. For example,
it has some extremely strict rules.
Rule number one: Nothing Lasts Forever. 51 more words


Back with the Crew

Working in retail is a challenge, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences. Knowing that you can make someone’s day with a simple styling session or amazing customer service, retail really taught me not only the value of a dollar, but more importantly, the value of small acts of kindness. 333 more words

My Style

And then... The Serpent Spoke

“Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?”” (Genesis 3:1, ESV)

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A naked man seen sensationally scaling down tied bed-sheets from a Buckingham Palace window, is feared dead tonight, following accusations that the Palace is conducting a cover-up to hide the man’s untimely death. 886 more words

Alternative News

Senior Photos

When I look back at pictures I’ve taken, I usually see flaws and things I need to improve on. My pickiness often keeps me from sharing pictures, as well as from being proud of where I am right now. 51 more words


As the Ocean

Taking my storms in stride
Strides are stumbles and falls
But I rise and fall
As the ocean —
Not as the water,
But as the waves. 69 more words