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This Goodbye Won't Hurt.

Sometimes when you get frostbitten, you lose toes, or maybe fingers. When you booze too much, you lose your liver functionality. When you’ve got gangrene, you need to cut that part out. 248 more words


Other Perspectives #64

I get why someone would write this quote. It always hurts worse when our expectations are higher. The more certain we are that someone cares for us the more painful it is if we end up hurt when actions they take don’t meet our expectations. 375 more words

Scott McPherson

Hey, high school loser, it's not always about you!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s so trite to write about high school. If I could tell the tale without mentioning it then I would, but it’s real important to the story. 1,017 more words

Fake friends

They Smile in your face but nothing good to say
They Smile in your face with negativity all over them
It’s the world we live in, The people we hang with… 127 more words


Shopping by Myself and a Movie with a Fair Weather Friend

Today is April 13 and in 11 months I’ll be an adult. Holy shit, right? I’m not ready for this kind of responsibility!!

In other news, I went to Forever 21 to get some crop tops and it was a success which is rather unusual for Forever 21 and I. 117 more words


fake friends

I guess I was mad. I mean, I was always mad but at this point I was really really mad, more than usual. Something had just happened that had gotten me so mad, and I was sitting in this living room on the floor getting more pissed off with every passing second. 1,270 more words


What People Say ..' By Anthony Everest

I stopped paying attention to those religious people who think they own a monopoly on God, and therefore – he speaks, only; to them. Please. Next!

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Anthony Everest