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This is the same creator of a previous video I had posted. I absolutely love this short video. It is a very well.


Vampire Queen? Nope as fake as anything else she does. ALL LIES OF COURSE.

Not really inventive is she? My stalker that is. She is now insisting she is a vampire Queen. WTF ?????????????????????????? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa Good luck with that when jobhunting Queen of the night. hehehehehehehehe

Sfx makeup tutorial for "Paint Them Red"

In my previous post I mentioned that I would explain how to do the sfx makeup that was done in our student film “Paint Them Red”. 1,027 more words

Paint Them Red

Instead of exams every term, we make short films. To my excitement, the themes for this term were horror or comedy. As a costume and makeup stylist student, I wasn’t really interested in styling for any comedies – they aren’t as fun and challenging as horrors! 297 more words

Realistic Edible Fake Blood: My Tweaked Recipe

You can buy fake blood, but it usually isn’t edible. For a character cosplay I’ve been working on for conventions, I wanted a sophisticated, dapper, vampire-about-town…walking about with a wine glass filled with his preferred drink of choice. 268 more words


Making fake blood for tomorrow's shoot

Hot water; cornflour, red food colouring and coffee granules = fake blood.


Don't Move

This video may be a bit confusing or scattered but I enjoyed it non-the-less. It is creepy, gore filled and original. Let me know what you thought!