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U Believe...

U believe other Faiths are False,U believe being Gay/Lesbian is immoral,

Ok Cool;

Then Don’t Be Gay/Lesbian,

Don’t Follow other Faiths, Ok!!!
but, but, but; 81 more words

Tharizdun (Demon Prince)


Tharizdun was a long-forgotten interloper god originating from Oerth who sought to destroy all that is. During the Dawn War, he created the Abyss… 319 more words


Imerta (Demon Princess)

Imerta (Demon Princess)

Worshipped by the cyclops and fomanian giants , Imerta is a tall demon princess that rules a unknown plane in the Abyss… 152 more words


JW: My Notes

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Charles Taze Russell

Began with Charles Taze Russell in the 1870’s

Watch Tower Society

Publication company of the Jehovah Witnesses

New World Translation… 3,030 more words

Faith’s 1st Gloryhole Visit http://bit.ly/1AMUXmO

Thinking is hard

I notice that people who are deeply religious are the ones who are very hard to convince on a lot of things that they see as contrary to their faith/belief. 283 more words