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Your Family Tree

Genesis 36:9  This is the family tree of Esau

Lessons for Living Today:

Why bother with a family tree?  Is there value in knowing who came before you in your family line?  356 more words

His Response

An Old testament belief and one that persists in some Christians today is the belief that bad things or trials are punishment from God.  It is true that in the Old Testament there was punishment.   247 more words

Focused or Distracted?

This past week, I have been trying to renew my closeness with God.  I’ve wanted so badly to feel that incredible feeling when He is speaking to me.   530 more words

Through Suffering

My dad always told me that he thought the reason he was put on this planet was to raise his three kids and watch them grow up. 1,166 more words



Everyone can cheat but somehow, when you tell people you are bisexual, many will automatically label you as promiscuous and well… predisposed to stray. You’re kind of good for a one night stand, a bit of fun and they may even come back to you for more if you’re any good, but you’re not really regarded as proper relationship material (if you are bi, single and looking for one). 886 more words



Be still and know that I am God, Psalm 46:10  Rapha is the Hebrew word for still. Rapha means to let go or surrender. In Hebrew grammar co-ordinate imperatives, be still and know,the emphasis is on he second imperative. 109 more words

Thirsty Thursday