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hello determined to succeed

determined to succeed for her sake I return to you
browbeaten by failures demands
subjugated to a weak human form
humbled and kneeling i seek your will… 102 more words


Not my burden to carry

Last night I read a about a terrible thing that happened to a family here in Austin. There was a fire in their home and something tragic and devastating happened to them. 422 more words


If I died tomorrow, would I have done enough?

You know that moment where you lose the breath from your lungs, your heart stops and reality hits you square in the face?

I had one of those (again) recently. 670 more words

My Faith

A moment of my truth

When I met my husband, I was broken. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, broken. I had just the right amount of broken and he had just the right amount of lies mixed with charm…for a match made in HELL! 729 more words


Let's get real.

Bad test scores, uncompleted homework assignments due to lack of sleep, unlearned songs, horrible rehearsals, extremely unkind words, screaming matches, moments of anger, piles and piles of laundry, unclean room, paper and pencils scattered, sheet music torn, tears shed and a heavy heart. 397 more words


50 Shades of Grey: What the Church Should Learn From It, Part 2

As I thought about my post from Tuesday, I realized I made a mistake about Shakespeare. That man loves a good tragedy! He loves to kill people off, and it’s only been in recent decades that we see romance be something so perfect that even during a struggle, all becomes perfect anyway. 1,276 more words


The FCC vs. The GCC

Something called “net neutrality” was enacted today by the Federal Communications Commission in a 3-2 split vote, which according to press reports means nothing more than internet providers will no longer be able to create monopolies or give special treatment to various corporations like Netflix or YouTube. 923 more words