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So, what if I'm wrong?

I have been reading increasing numbers of blogs and comments about the delusions of Christianity. That the Bible is a fairy tale and scripture was written by people, and referring to the Bible as the “Word of God” is at best farcical. 363 more words

Faith In Things Unseen

It Takes More Than Time To Heal

(Old Journal Entry)

I think what it is, is that I don’t know how to trust. Any attempts at it are periodically ripped thru with reminders of why it was a bad idea to begin with. 1,070 more words

I have spent an embarrassing amount of years being afraid to speak my mind to the random & unknown masses while utilizing my gift of writing.

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Faith In Things Unseen

Journal Entry: Saturday - October 13, 2012

Just and FYI. I got 4 appointments call me out of the blue for 6 clients totaling $175. This is after a rather long financial dry spell. 17 more words

Faith In Things Unseen


Starting is always the hardest part for me. I have so many beginnings of so many topics and absolutely no way to quell the thoughts on one subject in order to get others out on paper.

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Adjustments In Life